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Bij S/M/L/XL: het interieur zonder eigenschappen als... • 1 januari 1997
more architecture mutates, the more it confronts its immutable core...more ambitious these autonomies, the more they undermine the real downtown, its messy conditions, its complexities, its irregularities, its densities, its ethnicities...nteresseerd in het exterieur, in de 'look' van het gebouw een duidelijk eigen schriftuur toe te passen

Rosas In The Nineties: The Gesamtwerk as... • 1 november 1997
richer and more complex in structure, more aloof and circumspect, but also more virtuoso...about the body in an almost unnoticeable way: that we are growing older, that feelings and emotions never appear to us in the same way again, and that we can look at and enjoy the image of others is a different...true that this builds on the sometimes rebellious, sometimes over-melancholic passions of the works of the eighties, but the original rawness has made way for a much more complex and richer structure

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker • 1 januari 2002
Affekte und Effekte Die letzte Produktion von Rosas, "(But If A Look Should) April Me", stellt in gewisser Weise eine Ausnahme innerhalb des OEuvres dar, weil hier zum ersten Mal eine bestehende...Her alteration between pure, almost mathematical dance compositions and more expressionist, theatrical works is a process of illuminating the same basic material in different ways: through...thematic thread running through a number of her productions, which look at the relationship between language, music and dance, is the tension between maintaining an independent concept of character

De experimenten van Schad • 5 februari 2003
better you look, the more you see snijdt een hele reeks actuele thema's aan...better you look the more you see van Isabelle Schad staat op donderdag 13 en vrijdag 14 februari om 22 u in de Labo-zaal van Stuk, Naamsestraat 96, 3000 Leuven

THEATER Mijn avonturen door V • 25 november 2004
2002 startte Isabelle Schad (ex-danseres Wim Vandekeybus) met 'The Better You Look The More You See' een researchcyclus op

Op komst podium • 2 december 2004
Inlichtingen: www.fabuleus.be . The Better You Look The More You See MontyAntwerpen 'The Better You Look The More You See' is een multimediaproject van Isabelle Schad