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Nr. 73, Januari 2000 • Gerald Siegmund • Het geheugen van ballet
Text should itself be nothing other than text, research, textual activity, since the Text is the social space which leaves no language safe, outside, nor any subject of the enunciation in position as judge...Conclusie: verdwijning van de beweging Als 'the Text is that which goes to the limit of the rules of enunciation (rationality, readability etc...Transformationen: Theater der Neunziger Jahre, Berlin: Theater der Zeit, 1999, 121-132 2 Roland Barthes, From Work to Text, in: Roland Barthes, Image - Music - Text, ed

Nr. 75, Maart 2001 • Clara Van den Broek • Een Waaslandwolf in Toneelland
consciousness of its enunciation and thus into its very functioning […]. Thus, […] the post-modern work maintains a certain coherence in its enunciation; […] a certain harmony that organizes the work “at least at its...beschreven door Keir Elam in The semiotics of theatre and drama, Londen, Methuen, 1980, p. 135-191, en Toward a segmentation of the dramatic text, in: Poetics today, Brussel, 1987, pp

Nr. 87, Juni 2003 • Kurt Melens • Ways of Seeing: 4 boekjes over hedendaagse...
Maar het essay Out of text vertrekt te duidelijk vanuit de literatuurtheorie en schiet zijn doel as a background

Nr. 94, December 2004 • Elke Van Campenhout • Salzburg lied to us
SSSA proposes a complete relaunch of the approach towards the text and the medium...most important or exciting work or activity in a specific field or area

Nr. 95, Februari 2005 • Elke Van Campenhout, Bojana Cvejić • The Mapping
wish I could be more closely involved in the work as I was in my former job of dramaturge, but there is much less time for it now since I'm doing a programmation...audience as participatory approach - irresistible seduction: coherent / sharp quality and economy of text, image, sound and situation - act of thinking as act of translation: format point of view there are works which when being shown and presented as political 'destroy' all my effort to build audience for the work that needs time and circumstances for the spectator to allow

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Jacob Wren • Families are formed through copulation / Families...
computer speaks the following text in a robot computer voice while at the same time the family slowly bring out a guitar, drum and violin and play quiet, filmic music in the background...text was written by a child who was never born...Which is powerful, perhaps too powerful, makes you do stupid things, though sometimes it seems it’s all we’ve got and therefore we must work with it and do our best within the constraints

Nr. 104, December 2006 • Jan Ritsema • Portret van een dooie kip als kunstenaar
site and to direct themselves and to direct it themselves so they did a coming and going of friends and colleagues and friends and colleagues of friends discussing their work discussing proposals of work at work but not for them they left him out missing again and again this chance of making a difference that really could make a difference this chance to change addicted as they are to what they could...paf is a platform for and by artists A self­organization of themselves motorizing artists Who work on art that thinks A free zone Accessible without application A residency, yes In a historical

Nr. 105, Februari 2007 • Pieter T'Jonck • Mist Spuiten
Zo was er het idee om het loopvlak van de wolk vol te planten met een text forest: Led-panelen die doorlopend teksten, gaande van chatberichten van bezoekers tot werken van een artieste of art, the Pavilion and its operation would be an open-ended situation, an experiment in the scientific sense of the word’ zoals Klüver het formuleerde

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