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Bij S/M/L/XL: het interieur zonder eigenschappen als... • 1 januari 1997
place of weak and distended sensations, far and between emotions, discrete and mysterious like a large space lit by a bedlamp...Instead of concentration - simultaneous presence - in the Generic City individual moments are spaced far apart to create a trance of almost unnoticeable aesthetic experiences ( ) This pervasive lack

Perspectives after P.A.R.T.S. the first generation • 1 januari 1999
Opportunities for performing are few and far between, particularly in Brussels, with its very high concentration of young dancers and choreographers...So far initiatives in this direction have been tentative due a lack of financial means...Far from idle, P.A.R.T.S

Seething cauldron -- dance in Brussels • 1 januari 2002
meantime, the situation was far from easy for these young Turks because the government failed to support them, even when they gained substantial international recognition...does this in a number of ways -- some of them quite radical -- which can go as far as abandoning the concept of a completed performance as the raison d'être of the theatre

OP KOMST • 11 maart 2004
Met 'Far West' begeeft hij zich ditmaal naar een door Amerikaanse dromen overspoelde werkelijkheid

Revolutionair gesuis: 'Sauser aus Italien' van Christoph... • 6 september 2007
Twee uur lang voert hij ons binnen in de wereld van een Italiaans pension uit de jaren vijftig waar de gasten genieten van het dolce far niente