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Nr. 54, Februari 1996 • Loek Zonneveld • In memoriam Michael Carlton Matthews 1958-1996
Tot zijn eigen theaterwerk horen titels als For People Who Have Died (1989) en This Sporting Life (1991). De afgelopen jaren werkte Matthews aan twee trilogieën

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Jacob Wren • Families are formed through copulation / Families...
was the first person I ever knew who actually died, before my grandparents, long before my parents, before other people I know which is starting to happen a little bit now and I suppose will only get...FATHER Because then when I ask why is it wrong to kill people I can answer it’s wrong to kill people because God says so and that’s a better answer...way it is and that is the way it should always be, not because it is good but because through the painful process of differentiating ourselves from our parents we more fully become who

Nr. 103, September 2006 • Stef Lernous • Raffael Pascoe: auteurschap in de pornocinematografie
Spectator 2: ‘PASCOE RULES, MUDDAFUCKA!!!’ Reporter: ‘As you can see this movie has been drawing quite a crowd as it celebrates its tenth birthday here at Van Nys’ theatre ‘The Tomcat’. Some people...Raffael Pascoe: ‘It involves progressive imagining of hybrid subjectivities who defy their cultural positioning and destabilize binary the nature of cultural category...Gia had died terribly the year before due to a veneral disease, absentimonas vaginalis

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