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Nr. 94, December 2004 • Brian Holmes • Reverse Imagineering
Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari, Treatise on Nomadology -The War Machine in A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia, University of Minnesota Press, 1987; 1st ed...12 Frederic Jameson, Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, in Verso, 1991; oorspronkelijk artikel op Harry Cleaver, Computer-linked Social Movements and the Global Threat to Capitalism Cleaver/polnet.html

Nr. 94, December 2004 • Bojana Cvejić • Curator meets artist
De belangstelling voor procedures en materiaal die door Schad wordt aangebracht steunt op de vaak herhaalde uitspraak dat 'we live in the late capitalism of overprodtiction and it often manifests

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Jacob Wren • Families are formed through copulation / Families...
problems of the world from capitalism to the fact that there’s no good music any more, all of that can be blamed on you and you must face these accusations stoically, knowing that while perhaps only a modicum of what

Nr. 105, Februari 2007 • BAVO • Pleidooi voor een oncreatieve stad
15 16 Harvey, David, Spaces of global capitalism, Verso, London 2006, p. 102 e.v

Nr. 105, Februari 2007 • Saskia Sassen • Publieke interventies in hedendaagse grote steden.
International Center for the Arts of the Americas; Yudice, George, The Expediency of Culture: Uses of Culture in the Global Era, 2003; Salerno, Roger A., Landscapes of Abandonment: Capitalism, Modernity

Nr. 114, December 2008 • Christophe Van Gerrewey • ‘We hebben theater nodig’
te vinden zijn in het ‘kritische’ denken: ‘The contemporary Left has reacted in a wide spectrum of modes to the full hegemony of global capitalism and its political supplement, liberal democracy

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