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Jan Fabre Van den Dries, Luk The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Actors and Acting Simon Williams 186 Cambridge University Press
Ivo Van Hove Van den Dries, Luk The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Actors and Acting Simon Williams 597 Cambridge University Press
The Regenerative Ruination of Romeo Castellucci De Laet, Timmy; Cassiers, Edith Performance Research Carl Lavery and Richard Gough 20.3 18-28 Routledge
Redrawing Bodily Boundaries: A Look into the Creative Process of Jan Fabre Cassiers, Edith; De Laet, Timmy; Le Roy, Frederik; Van den Dries, Luk Aesthetics and Ideology in Contemporary Literature and Drama Madelena Gonzalez and René Agostini forthcoming Cambridge Scholars Press
Recalibrating O'Neill's Modern Tragedy Callens, Johan Eugene O'Neill Review 36.1 29-47 Penn State UP
La transcendance par le mal: Homicide comme thriller tragique Callens, Johan Le thriller métaphysique Antoine Dechêne and Michel Delville forthcoming Presses Universitaires de Liège


Pratiques de citations dans l’oeuvre de Jan Fabre Van den Dries, Luk forthcoming
Het geopende lichaam: Verzamelde opstellen over Jan Fabre Van den Dries, Luk De Bezige Bij
Dumb Type as Dance: Reflections on the Politics of Gesture Jansen, Sara The Dumb Type Reader Peter Eckersall forthcoming Museum Tusculanum Press
Dislocating Acts: Avant-Garde Performance and the Politics of Movement Jansen, Sara Understanding Japan’s Dynamic Decade: Radical Sixties Arts and Culture Peter Eckersall forthcoming Seagull Books
Introduction Callens, Johan; Pewny, Katharina; Coens, Jeroen Dramaturgies in the New Millennium: Relationality, Performativity, and Potentiality Callens, Johan; Pewny, Katharina; Coens, Jeroen 7-13 Narr Francke Attempto Verlag
The Place of the Visual Arts within the Broad Spectrum of Performance Studies Callens, Johan Enjeux et Positionnements de l’Interdisciplinarité / Positioning Interdisciplinarity Claudine Armand, Vanessa Boullet and David Ten Eyck 133-152 Presses Universitaires de Nancy (PUN)/Éditions Universitaires de Lorraine
Tennessee Williams and Ivo van Hove at Home Abroad Callens, Johan Tennessee Williams and Europe: Intercultural Encounters, Transatlantic Exchanges 301-319 Rodopi
Recursion, Iteration, Difference Callens, Johan Performance Studies: Key Words, Concepts, and Theories Bryan Reynolds 76-83 Palgrave Macmillan