Conference Presentations at ‘Parcours de Génétique Théâtrale’ (University of Lisbon)

On 17 and 18 September 2015, Edith Cassiers and Luk Van den Dries will both present a paper at the International Conference ‘Parcours de Génétique Théâtrale. Brouillon(s), (Ré)écritures et Transmodalisation(s) dramatique(s)‘, organized by the Centre for Theatre Studies of the University of Lisbon. The title of Edith’s paper is ‘« Sur le papier, tout est possible » - Transposition inter-médiale des notes de metteur en scène vers la représentation : dessins de Jan Fabre.’The presentation of Luk is called ‘Carnets de notes: Romeo Castellucci’.

New Publication

We are thrilled to announce the publication of ‘Redrawing Bodily Boundaries: A Look into the Creative Process of Jan Fabre,’ our contribution to the newly released edited volume Aesthetics and Ideology in Contemporary Literature and Drama, published by Cambridge Scholars. The text is co-authored by Edith Cassiers, Timmy De Laet, Frederik Le Roy, and Luk Van den Dries. We thank the editors Madelena Gonzalez and René Agostine for this great collaboration. More information on the book can be found on the publisher’s website.

Call for Papers ‘Tracing Creation’ (Antwerp, 9–11 March 2016)

The Call for Papers for our upcoming international conference ‘Tracing Creation’ has been published.

Please consult this page for more information about ‘Tracing Creation’.

New Publication in ‘Performance Research’

An article by Edith Cassiers and Timmy De Laet has just been published in the journal Performance Research: ‘The Regenerative Ruination of Romeo Castellucci’.