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For each diplomatic document in the database an English summary is available. In case dispatches contain attachments, synopses for the latter are provided as well. For every document, facsimiles of the originals are included. A large part of these have been transcribed as well.

Please note that personal names and place names are rendered according to the spelling found in the original documents. Usually, personal names are Gallicized versions of the Ottoman originals. Hence, it is necessary to type Carathéodory (Effendi) instead of Karatodori (Efendi), and Rachid Pacha instead of Raşid Pash/şa. It is not obligatory to include titles (Effendi, Bey, Pacha) in queries. Search results are always rendered in chronological order.

When searching the archive, the following operators can be used:

author:Fuad Only returns dispatches by authors named “Fuad”
recipient:Carathéodory Only returns dispatches addressed to recipients named “Carathéodory”
place:Brussels Only returns dispatches written from Brussels

Search operators can also be used in combinations:

Beernaert author:Carathéodory Only returns dispatches mentioning “Beernaert” AND written by “Carathéodory”
recipient:Carathéodory author:Loghadès Only returns dispatches by “Loghadès” to “Carathéodory”

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