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Nr. 73, Januari 2000 • Gerald Siegmund • Het geheugen van ballet
door Yvonne Rainer in haar beroemde 'No'-manifest in 1965 geformuleerd werden: 'NO to spectacle no to virtuosity no to transformations and magic and make-believe no to glamour and image... no to involvement of performer or spectator no to style ... no to eccentricity no to moving or being moved...Proliferation and Perfect Disorder: William Forsythe and the Architecture of Disappearance, in: Parallax, Programmbuch Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt, 1989, 9-23, 12 10 Gerald Siegmund, William Forsythe, in: Dance

Nr. 94, December 2004 • Elke Van Campenhout • Salzburg lied to us
make speeches for children, hold hands even if they're sweaty, art is freedom, erase the tape, document the absence, there is no republic, there is always the republic, spin faster, went into the direction that the 'State of the Arts' has an incomplete understanding of what Europe represents...So the agents tried to sing a Fado but failed, tried to dance Sirtaki - and failed

Nr. 106, April 2007 • Lieve Dierckx • Allemaal samen: mag ballet ook dans zijn?
Hetzelfde is vervat in de rituele herhaling van kabuki en nô, de verbondenheid met de natuur in butoh en in de marionet van Kleist...Laermans, R. en Gielen, P., ‘flanders: Constructing identities: the case of ‘the Flemish dance wave’ in Europe dancing: perspectives on theatre dance and cultural identity, Eds...Lepecki, André, Exhausting Dance: Performance and the politics of movement, New York, Routledge, 2006

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