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Rosas In The Nineties: The Gesamtwerk as... • 1 november 1997
Born in 1960 in Mechelen in the Flemish part of Belgium, she trained at Béjart's Mudra School with a finishing year at the School of Arts in New York, making her debut as a choreographer at twenty...result of this was a very complexly composed piece, unravelled into countless motifs of movement and sound, which in one stroke mapped out the whole ten-year gap between the two works

Perspectives after P.A.R.T.S. the first generation • 1 januari 1999
first year this amounts to internal presentations that follow up workshops; in their final year students get the opportunity to present their choreography to the public...Another student, Susan Hengartner, left before completing her last year and now works with Va Wölfl, after having helped bring about Elea: Spinghein...Arco Renz also regularly shows his face in Brussels, and will probably succeed in again putting on his final-year project Elea: Spinghein