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Peter Brook en de materialiteit van Becketts... • 1 februari 1996
optimism of the lady buried in the ground is not a virtue, it is the element that blinds her to the truth of the situation...audience wriggles, squirms and yawns, it walks out or else invents and prints every form of imaginary complaint as a mechanism to ward of the uncomfortable truth

Nachtmerrie uit Zuid-Afrika te gast in Avignon • 26 juli 1997
Deze zomer is hij op het theaterfestival van Avignon te gast met Ubu and the truth commission

Perspectives after P.A.R.T.S. the first generation • 1 januari 1999
Each instructor appears to have exclusive access to the Truth, yet there is no syllabus to explain precisely what the training prepares you for or how it all fits together

Afkalven tot de essentie • 13 juni 2001
Het tweede deel van de titel komt uit een ander gedicht: Out of the lie of no rises the truth of yes/ Its all about opening and closing about yes and no

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker • 1 januari 2002
presents the simple truth that human physicality makes a meaningful whole of the different stages of life - the past is always contained in the present...only possible in a theatre situation and tells a truth that can never be definitively resolved