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Perspectives after P.A.R.T.S. the first generation • 1 januari 1999
He has submitted a subsidy request to the Flemish Community, and is discussing with Vooruit of Ghent the possibility of presenting his piece, together with Schellekens, as a multimedia work including...begin with, he has submitted a subsidy request to the Flemish Community for a project with Florence Augendre

Seething cauldron -- dance in Brussels • 1 januari 2002
Nevertheless, it can be said that the situation had changed radically since the 1990s: Flemish Companies such as De Keersmaeker, Vandekeybus, Fabre and Platel were no longer the cuckoos in the nest...However, the Royal Ballet of Flanders, technically outstanding but with very little artistic recognition, still received the better part of the dance subsidies of the Flemish Community, who decides...case of Meg Stuart and her Damaged Goods -- which will receive structural funding from the Flemish Government for the period 2001-2005 - this even led to a permanent residency, while the outstanding