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Sophocles knap vertaald naar Amerikaanse politiek: "Ajax"... • 25 mei 1987
BRUSSEL -- Deze week is in de Muntschouwburg Ajax in de versie van het American National Theatre te gast

Rosas celebrates its twentieth anniversary • 1 januari 2001
past ten years it has been the company in residence at Brussels' (Brussel) National Opera De Munt...Her achievements also include two theatre productions of Heiner Müller and two opera productions of Monteverdi and Bartók...approach is very different from that of American minimalist choreographers such as Lucinda Childs

Seething cauldron -- dance in Brussels • 1 januari 2002
Any policy, let alone a sense of national artistic pride was lacking in dance...American Meg Stuart moved to Brussels in the early 1990s, after pioneering performances such as Disfigure Study and No longer ready-made, the government's wait-and-see approach lasted so long that she...does this in a number of ways -- some of them quite radical -- which can go as far as abandoning the concept of a completed performance as the raison d'être of the theatre