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Nr. 56-57, Augustus 1996 • Jan De Pauw • No Motherfuckin' Shiiiit...?!
These characters are highly symbolic and widely representative, reflecting Lee's determination to repel the folkloric symbols of racism through racial countersymbol...other hand, Lee must revise his understanding of racial identity in order to present the humanity of black characters succesfully...Getuige Bill Cosby 'From the very beginning, the Cosby series has been shadowed by persistent questions growing out of the politics of racial definition: Is The Cosby Show really black enough

Nr. 101, April 2006 • 
living and dead), it demands submitting body and desire to dis-ciplining regimes (anatomical, dietary, gender, racial), allfor the perfect fulfilment of a trans-cendental and preordained set of steps, postures

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