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Nr. 91, April 2004 • An van Dienderen • Collectiviteit in beeld: Het productieproces van The...
use indexical to refer to signs that bear a physical trace of what they refer to, such as fingerprint, X ray, or photograph).' (Nichols 1994) Omwille van deze indexicale kwaliteit worden

Nr. 94, December 2004 • Patricia Portela • Flatland
decided to be very practical and dedicate my research to finding out more about the mysterious fingerprint beings and find what qualities they have that I don't have. I started comparing...strange letter' was a fingerprint...Well, I know what a fingerprint is, I just had not slid through one before

Nr. 101, April 2006 • An van Dienderen • Afkicken van representatie
fingerprint, X-ray, or photograph