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Nr. 93, Januari 2004 • Myriam Van Imschoot • He says space, she thinks time
THERE IS NO IDENTITY CARD IN THIS PIECE...THEY RELY ON EACH OTHER.THEY ARE SURVIVING BY DEGREES OF LOVE.THERE IS NO SHAME IN THIS PIECE...Notes oil the rehearsals of Forgeries by Myriam Van Imschoot, 25 April 2004 FORGERIES, LOVE AND OTHER MATTERS choreocrafieen dans Meg Stuart eri Benoît Lachambre live muziek Hahn Rowe

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Jacob Wren • Families are formed through copulation / Families...
allowed her to differentiate herself from us so that when she leaves it won’t be like a piece of us is breaking off but rather like a next-door neighbour is moving a little way down the street, perhaps only...pure and vitriolic strain of nihilism, but since she is here tonight I just want to say that I love you anyway...haven’t really spoken for the past ten years or so and I realize things are difficult, things are more than a little bit strained between us, but you can’t help but love your children and I love

Nr. 110, Februari 2008 • (Personalia) • (Personalia)
Na haar residentie in 2006 in Zagreb op uitnodiging van Eks-Scena’s in het kader van het triatlon project, werd The Love Piece gecreëerd door Ana Achimovicz, Nino Bokan, Alice Chauchat, Pravdan

Nr. 110, Februari 2008 • Pieter De Buysser, Christophe Van Gerrewey, Bram... • Minnelijke voorwerpen
Vatten het onzegbare in woorden: pieter de buysser, christophe van gerrewey, bram de cock & wouter hillaert In de marge vertellen de toeschouwers van the love piece over hun ervaringen...Een selectie door alice chauchat ‘The Love Piece’ is een creatie van Ana Achimovicz, Nino Bokan, Alice Chauchat, Pravdan Devlahovic, Oliver Frljic, Zvonimir Kvesic, Ivana Pavlovic, Ivana Roncevic...then it was fabulous, I could realise that she felt a great love for me, which was great because during the whole time all my boyfriends, friends, mom and dad and all people in life who love me ran through my

Nr. 110, Februari 2008 • (Inhoudstafel) • (Inhoudstafel)
Met in de kantlijn fragmenten uit interviews met toeschouwers van The Love Piece

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