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Nr. 3, Juni 1983 • Jan Fabre: Het is theater zoals te...
Haben sie gut gegessen Marc : It's a nice day Eric : Bien sur Els : Zeer zeker Phillipe : Maybe it's a clear day Els : Wie fanden sie den match Marc...nichts davon C'est comme si je n'étais pas la Ik zie hem enkel, helemaal alleen achter de lijkwagen lopen in de dreef van het kerkhof A master of ceremonies at his left, and one at his right hand Je veux partir d'ici Every day we die Ik word depressief van deze komedie Lass doch die Toten in Frieden Fêtez Lead him to peace Tekst Eric : Death goes with life

Nr. 13, April 1986 • Johan Callens • Sam Shepards verscheurde liefdes
world I'd left behind and this new one...Song of the South, Vera Cruz, Bad Day at Black Rock en King Solomon's Mines waren favorieten

Nr. 30, Juni 1990 • Dirk Verstockt • "Gekwetst ben ik van binnen"
De pompoen van Assepoester (One day, my prince has gone). Bijna alles heeft ooit al 's gediend en verwijst daar ook rechtstreeks naar

Nr. 30, Juni 1990 • Johan Callens • O'Neill Het leven als tussenspel
still to this day more modern than any of us, still our leader...materialism to give any satisfying new One for the surviving primitive religious instinct to find meaning for life in, and to comfort its fears of death with." God de Moeder O'Neills zoektocht had...Enrico IV (1922), de mens eerst in zijn hemd zet om hem dan met enig erbarmen zijn illusies of pipe-dreams te gunnen; en Long Day's Journey into Night (postume première in 1956), de rechttoe, rechtaan

Nr. 88, September 2003 • Annie Declerck • In memoriam Joseph Chaikin (1935-2003)
Zijn werken en denken blijven nochtans constant in beweging: 'I can only say that my life and views change radically from one period to another...died the day I was boni and became an angel on that day since then there are no days there is no time 1 am here by mistake Ook met het werk van Beckett...Chaikin bijna organisch verbonden: 'In playing "Endgame" one comes to know Beckett in a way that is a special way of knowing somebody

Nr. 92, Juni 2004 • Mummy mummy Where did you go My...
Men gave women their power Because they created new life (...) This divine fact gave women the right to rule Men were only thinking about having sex all day (...) They discovered...having sex created life And as soon as they were sure they took over And they started to introduce their systems Their systems based on the fact that Having sex creates life One plus one is two

Nr. 92, Juni 2004 • Katleen Van Langendonck • 'De essentie van verleiden is transformatie': Geslacht,...
was a girl/just a girl/one of the girls/girlish eyes /girlish mouth/dressed girlish9 Vertrekkende van een analyse van de muziek van Steve Reich, is Fase (1982) in zijn geheel een uitwerking...gave women their power Because they created new life (...) This divine fact gave women the right to rule Men were only thinking about having sex all day (...) They discovered that created life And as soon as they were sure they took over And they started to introduce their systems Their systems based on the fact that Having sex creates life One plus one is two

Nr. 94, December 2004 • Elke Van Campenhout • Salzburg lied to us
Two more people were involved, and one agent, who met this person per coincidence after this act, got information about it (the SSSA will maybe publish the name of this person later on). Stuart, so...INDEPENDENCE DAY Neither the American Independence Day nor the second anniversary of the 'State of the Arts' seemed to affect the government...Our agent investigating Kunstraum saw that on one of the walls somebody wrote: 'State of the Farts', (source 017, oral report) The SSSA allows itself to comment on this as very funny

Nr. 94, December 2004 • Patricia Portela • Flatland
had already invented cubes like the one that took me so long to build...50 • 9® etcetera 94 empirical components I needed to create an empirical 3D model in Flatland.f...) chapter BUT One day, lazily sliding for a bit of relaxation...say curiosity killed the cat, but what I discovered almost killed On another day, it was a Sunday, I was a bit bored, sliding at random, and I ended up in a police report...I discovered

Nr. 95, Februari 2005 • Elke Van Campenhout, Bojana Cvejić • The Mapping
art discipline). Working in the theatre all day, you are isolated from the outside in a black box...regard an "aesthetic" approach as being just as relevant as a "political" one

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Jacob Wren • Families are formed through copulation / Families...
then one day we were drinking coffee, hung over as usual, and she told me that her father had been a Nazi, a fairly high ranking party official, never got his hands dirty and spent most of the hand we have a perfectly normal day like today and on the other hand we have my children and their children and their children’s children on and on forever and ever until the sun burns out and how...middle-aged man, a well-known writer, sits down one day and writes a letter to his parents letting them know everything they’ve ever done wrong, why they were bad parents, everything they ever did

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Elke Van Campenhout • Edito
Sinds ‘Genesis’ in 1999 volgden dus het bovengenoemde Alba-konijn —er is ook een fluorescerende hond onderweg— en, in ‘the Eigth Day’, een hele minikosmos in is daring enough to take the test, one should be ready to demonstrate instead that the questions raised by one’s experiment are at risk of being redefined by the phenomena mobilized...Domination in politics has many of the same ingredients it has in the laboratory, that is, the inability to allow the people one deals with any chance to redefine the situation in their own terms

Nr. 101, April 2006 • An van Dienderen • Afkicken van representatie
Ruiz 1995: 14). '... the criteria according to which most of the characters in today's movies behave are drawn from one particular culture (that of the USA). In this culture, it is not only...any attempt to portray it as anything more than the representation of one sort of life in the categories of another impossible to defend...Asad 1986: 164) 3 'The technologies of seeing bring us ever closer to a sort ofBorgesian map of reality - one that corresponds at all points with the external world - but as they do so, they

Nr. 108, September 2007 • Lieve Dierckx • De zerk van ons verlangen
Maybe forever,’ zingt hij, ‘this day is taking me out/and I wonder if I’m now on my powerful side/this day comes true/when my wishes all slip out...Haar tekstsolo is een snoer van herinneringen die ze aan elkaar knoopt met telkens opnieuw de aanzet ‘Do you remember...?’. ‘Oké, ... One, two...’ zegt ze in de microfoon om dan, na een grote

Nr. 108, September 2007 • Anne Dekerk, Maarten Soete • 6 Sound Questions
ong ‘We are more offended when a loud car tears down the street than when an ugly one does...boundless on the one hand, and site-specific on the other...Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia; the day I accepted it, got over it and learnt to love it, was de titel van een instal- latie rond fobieën en ervan afgeraken