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Nr. 13, April 1986 • Johan Callens • Sam Shepards verscheurde liefdes
Song of the South, Vera Cruz, Bad Day at Black Rock en King Solomon's Mines waren favorieten

Nr. 92, Juni 2004 • Katleen Van Langendonck • 'De essentie van verleiden is transformatie': Geslacht,...
gave women their power Because they created new life (...) This divine fact gave women the right to rule Men were only thinking about having sex all day (...) They discovered that having...22 Charlotte Corday doodde Jean-Paul Marat in zijn bad om haar land te redden...Een man doodde zijn vrouw in haar bad omdat ze verliefd was op iemand anders

Nr. 94, December 2004 • Patricia Portela • Flatland
50 • 9® etcetera 94 empirical components I needed to create an empirical 3D model in Flatland.f...) chapter BUT One day, lazily sliding for a bit of relaxation...say curiosity killed the cat, but what I discovered almost killed On another day, it was a Sunday, I was a bit bored, sliding at random, and I ended up in a police report...I discovered...Just like James Bond so... this meant that somewhere, James Bond complete with martinis, beds, blonde girls, submarine cars with sophisticated gadgets, laser watches, creepy guys with bad teeth

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Jacob Wren • Families are formed through copulation / Families...
would always come up with the exact same thing, the same thought: ‘Maybe today would be a good day for me to kill myself...What if one day the entire world woke up and found it too difficult to go on? MOTHER That’s the amazing thing about the world...middle-aged man, a well-known writer, sits down one day and writes a letter to his parents letting them know everything they’ve ever done wrong, why they were bad parents, everything they ever did

Nr. 107, Juni 2007 • Anne Dekerk • De mens is een tussenwezen
De mens is een tussenwezen That Night Follows Day, een productie van Victoria & Tim Etchells Anne Dekerk | Het past in de traditie van theaterhuis Victoria om kunstenaars...Een repetitie van That Night Follows Day...De lineaire compositie blijkt in That Night Follows Day al snel uitgedaagd en opengebroken tot circulaire bewegingen: een loop tussen performers en kijker