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Nr. 69, Januari 1999 • Katrien Darras, Clara Van den Broek • Gebroken spiegel?
Sindsdien werkte ze bij Fabre, in The fin comes a little bit earlier this siècle (BUT BUSINESS AS USUAL). Momenteel is ze te zien in Bêt Noir van Jan Decorte en de Onderneming

Nr. 72, Juni 2000 • Johan Wambacq • Wanhoop en weerzin, liefde en lust
Op 3 november 1998 gaat The fin comes a little earlier this siècle (but business as usual) van Fabre in première in deSingel

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Jacob Wren • Families are formed through copulation / Families...
she will grow up and slowly grow away from us but this will be made easier by the fact that from the very beginning we let her breathe, we didn’t smother her in our own fears and neurosis but rather...haven’t really spoken for the past ten years or so and I realize things are difficult, things are more than a little bit strained between us, but you can’t help but love your children and I love...He never expected a reply but he got a reply and he forgave them and there are so many things in the world which I am unable to forgive but with my parents and with my daughter I always try